Gas Fitting Services

Trust us with gas fitting services as we have a wide range of experience and knowledge in all kind of Gas Systems Works. Our team of trained and licensed technicians will ensure you and your families safety. Gas system repairs and installations have to be carried out by a team of professionals at all times.

Gas Installation And Repairing Services 

Installing new gas lines

Before installing a new gas line our client has to provide all the necessary documents and permits from proper authorities, after receipt we will start designing and installing a new gas line which will perfectly suit the building and meet safety standards.

Existing gas line pipe repairing

When the gas system is relatively new but has a defect and replacement is not necessary we will recommend you an optimal solution. Our trained technicians will determine the severity and based on that recommend and apply the necessary repairs.

Gas Hot Water Conversion

Save on your bills with gas hot water conversion, you will only pay for what you use. Say Goodbye to cold showers! You will get better water pressure and consistent heat. 

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen setup and appliances, Gas Powered will be the best choice for you its a fantastic way to level up your cooking! Instant heat, energy efficient and save your money.


Heating system repairs

When the heating system fails to heat your home and emits odd smells, and has persistent noises you can make an immediate call to us to provide you with the right and efficient solution to your problems. As the heater ages with continuous usage we can ensure that all the necessary repairs and maintenance work you need are done efficiently provide a lasting solution. 

Installing, inspecting and repairing gas-hot water tanks

Hot water systems can work properly for years without any care. But, if you do maintenance work once a year, this will extend the tanks life span ensuring efficient operations. Our highly trained technicians can install new units and repair any kind of minor problems and prevent them from becoming major issues. With the proper maintenance and care with our company you will have benefits such as optimum energy efficiency, extended water heater life span and less necessary repairs.

Gas Stove installation and repairing

A gas stove that is not heating to the proper temperatures most likely has a broken oven light, this can lead to serious maintenance work and can even damage the stove. Our highly trained technicians can install any type of gas stove ovens, built-in, stand alone and even make the necessary repairs to ensure a longer life span.